Thursday, September 12, 2013

Miss Kay Halloween Costume

If you look through the pictures of yourself and your children taken during Halloween, you will be able to take a trip back in time.  I am not just talking about how young everyone used to be (although that is true!).  Halloween costumes are truly a hallmark of what was popular that particular year.

Certain Halloween characters are staples-princesses, pirates, monsters, ghosts, mummies, superheroes, and athletes.  You will always have them at your child's class party of have them ringing your doorbell.  They have been around since I was a child trick or treating in the 1970's!

But breakout characters represent an era.  Who is popular on television and in the movies are what sells out the quickest in stores, both online and in brick and mortar Halloween stores.

Just as a sample, my oldest daughter dressed up as the following when she was a child in the late 1990's to early 2000's:

Lambchop (Shari Lewis was on PBS back then)

Mulan (from the movie of the same name)

Jasmine (from Disney's Aladdin)

Jane (from Disney's Tarzan)

Blossom from the Power Puff Girls (two years in a row).

Do you think you would see any of these Halloween costumes on little girls today?

Dressing in a Miss Kay costume for Halloween 2014 would not have happened a year ago.  But now the Robertsons are everywhere, and with good reason! They are just so lovable!

If you want to dress as Miss Kay for Halloween, here are some ideas for you to use.

Miss Kay has short, black hair.  It has been in various styles, like this one she wore in the first episode of Duck Dynasty season 4.

This wig is less than five dollars!

If you need to have a more rounded look, this suit goes under your outfit and gives you the appearance you need.

Miss Kay's clothes are simple and comfortable.  While her daughters-in-law can wear short dresses and tight jeans, that is not Kay's style at all.  Slacks and cowl neck sweaters are her favorite attire.

These slacks come in several colors and also in capri length as well.

Here is a cowl neck sweater that will compliment any figure-and it can be worn after Halloween is over!

The last piece is an apron.  Since Miss Kay is always cooking, then how can you dress like her without it?

Vintage apron for under 10 dollars! Also available in black.

Add some red lipstick and a pair of comfy shoes, and you are done!

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