Friday, August 7, 2015

Miss Kay K-Cups!

Phil has had his line of Duck Commander products for quite some time. Now Miss Kay has her own as well!

Look at this set of Miss Kay K-cups! This is a medium roastr coffee and there are 12 K-cups per box.

You can find them here on Amazon.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Duck Dynasty Stocking Stuffers for Everyone

With the official gift giving season underway you may be wondering what you can give your favorite Duck Dynasty fan as a stocking stuffer.  Here are a few ideas that will work!


Available with Korie's picture as well.

Many other Duck Commander rubs and seasonings are also available for gift giving.

This is for the crafty person on you list and it is on sale at over 50% off!


Available in Black Ice (black) and Vanilla (yellow)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Duck Dynasty Christmas Ornaments!

Do you need a gift for the Duck Dynasty fan on your list? Christmas ornaments are a wonderful one to give. Each year when it is taken out of the box, the person will remember you. They will fondly recollect how you gave them the perfect item, as they are such a big fan of Duck Dynasty!

Here are just a few of the Duck Dynasty ornaments that you can give as gifts this year.


  Duck Dynasty Ornament Set from Amazon

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Duck Dynasty Miss Kay Costume

Kay Robertson has been with her husband Phil since she was fourteen and he was sixteen. Married since 1966, they have four sons-Alan, Jase, Willie and Jeptha. Over the years she has had her hands full trying to prevent them from spending all of their time outdoors. She also had her hands full during the early years of her marriage to Phil, as he was drinking and partying until he found G-d when he was 28.

One way she ropes them inside is with her cooking. Her recipes are loved by her family and they will do most anything as long as she cooks for them!

Miss Kay, as she is known to both family and friends, always has a dog named Jesse. When one Jesse dies, she replaces it with another who looks just like him.

Phil Robertson adores and reveres his wife. He has called her a <i>kind, gentle woman</i>, and tells his grandson not to marry a yuppie girl, but to find a kind, meek, sprited country girl who loves to eat bullfrogs! Of course, he is describing his beloved Miss Kay!

A fun couples costume for Halloween would be to go as Duck Commander Phil and his lovely wife, Miss Kay.

Here is how to put together your own Miss Kay costume.

A Brief Biography of Miss Kay

Miss Kay was born Marsha Kay Carroway. She and and Phil met when she was in the ninth grade and Phil was in the tenth, and by the age of 16 they were married.  Many people wonder if Miss Kay was pregnant when she married Phil.  She was pregnant with their first son in their senior year of high school, as she admitted in her 2014 autobiography. Her regret is that she had no one to talk to about her passionate feelings for Phil, and that left her vulnerable.

They had four sons-Alan, Jase, Willie and Jeptha. While their life on the show Duck Dynasty seems idyllic, their early years together most certainly were not.

An adorable apron!

After she graduated high school and moved with Phil to an apartment near Louisiana Tech University where Phil was slated to play football. While there, she did earn her GED.

After he declined to play in the NFL, Phil finished his college degree in health and physical education in 1969 and earned a Master's degree in 1974. During these years Phil drank and partied, causing a lot of grief to his family. It got so bad that Kay had to get a job at the bar where Phil spent most of his time just to keep an eye on him.

At one point during this bleak period of their marriage, he even kicked her and their three sons (Jep was not born yet) out of the house where they lived. Three month later, he came by, and cried for forgiveness, which was given.

Once Phil turned his life to G-d, things turned around for the family. Eventually he would build his Duck Commander business, along with his CEO son Willie, to the successful business it is today.

Miss Kay stood beside him every step of the way, working side-by-side with him in the business and keeping creditors at bay when money was owed. One way she kept the family together is with her cooking. Her boys just love anything she puts on the table!

Start With the Miss Kay Wig

Miss Kay has short dark hair that has a little bit of lift to it. Not quite a bouffant, but certainly not flat! It definitely has a Southern feel to it, as it should...she is from Louisiana. Since she has such a busy and active life, this short hairdo is just what she needs to wash and go.

Here is a some wig to top off your Miss Kay costume.

Less than five dollars!

This comes in black.

Padded suit from Amazon

Add Some Padding

Kay is what you would call a "full figured woman".
She has spent her life in the kitchen and between age and tasting and eating her good food, she is no longer the slim woman she was when she met Phil as a young girl.

It doesn't mater to him, as he loves a woman who can cook and carries her Bible. Miss Kay does both. In fact, Phil regularly counsels his grandson to marry a homely woman who can cook over a pretty "Yuppie" woman who cannot.  After all, you are going to spend the res of your life eating her cooking-you should like it!

The Most Comfortable Costume You Will Ever Wear-Slacks and a Cowl Neck!

Miss Kay dresses for comfort. You cannot spend hours on your feet in the kitchen or chasing after four active boys with clothes that are too tight or need to be taken to the dry cleaner.  That is not how it is done in the woods!

These Alfred Dunner pants are just like the slacks Miss Kay wears. They come in all kinds of colors and lengths. There are petite sizes, plus sizes and everything in between. With the ease of an elastic waistband and side pockets, these comfortable slacks are perfect for your Miss Kay costume.

In many episodes of Duck Dynasty, you will find Miss Kay in a cowl neck sweater. Sweaters with this neckline offer comfort, as it is not chocking your neck like a turtleneck does. It is also stylish, and has more flair than a scoop neck or V-neck sweater. It comes in plus sized women, just like Miss Kay.   Phil likes a woman with meat on her bones, not skinny Yuppies like his sons married!

Alfred Dunner pants

Available in 6 pastel colors

The Final Miss Kay Accessories

Miss Kay is known for her fantastic Southern inspired cooking. For her, cooking family favorites is an expression of her love for the, It is also a way bribe anyone in her family! All she has to do is promise to make a banana pudding or sweet potato pie and the job is completed. Her husband. Phil, thinks every woman should know how to cook squirrel brains, frogs legs and boudine!

Since she spends so much time in the kitchen whipping up her famous recipes, she is often seen wearing an apron. Here are some that are Miss Kay style!
This is under $10!

This is too cute!

Another accessory to add is a stuffed dog.  You see, Miss Kay name all of her dogs Jesse, and when one dies, she replaces it with exactly the same breed. She believes that way you are not grieving for the dog you just lost.

These potholders are just ducky!